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Thousands of people in Florida purchase, sell or refinance their home each year, and these transactions typically contain a simple line item for an appraisal performed by a Florida Property Appraiser designated by the lender in the closing statement. Even though there are a number of automated home valuation processes that might appear more prudent than an appraisal, at first glance, nearly all lenders still insist upon a local expert’s professional appraisal, because the stakes are incredibly high. By hiring your own private Florida property appraiser, you can have a higher degree of certainty as to the value of your property.

You might think that obtaining a mortgage is the only basis for getting an appraisal, but there are several particular situations when the services of a licensed, independent and experienced property appraiser could be critical. These include proper estate valuation; equitable division of assets, as in a divorce or a business division; challenging your property tax assessment; eliminating expensive private mortgage insurance (PMI) from your monthly payment; making a truly informed decision about asking price before listing your home; proper insurance coverage, and employee relocation calculations.

An independent Florida property appraiser must meet licensing guidelines as well as maintain professional standards of excellence. A good appraiser will quantify and compare smaller, more particular differences that make your home or building unique, in addition to the more general comparisons other professionals make when deciding upon a valuation. Many will also go to court if necessary to back up their work on your behalf. The peace of mind you gain by hiring your own private Florida property appraiser cannot be overstated.

What information does a property appraiser collect from a property owner?

This quick video explains what property appraisers’ work entails: